Bartender Ruben Dowling is a Universal Douchebag and Should be Fired

A bar manager at a Caesar’s property is making it clear he doesn’t want liberals at his place. Several people contacted me to complain about his language and attack on “liberals” and “people of color” and he immediately got into a flame war on Facebook with numerous people, calling them names. People working for him told me that they felt uncomfortable with his politics, but they feel if they complain they will be fired.

On his profile it lists he works for 33 Group, an outsourced management company that does contracts with different casinos and properties. One such property is Fizz, owned by Elton John.

According to insiders, Mr Dowling is involved with that property and another one called “The Other Room.”

A quick look at his official page, where he is advertising he is a manager at 33Group, shows that he holds some possible very alt-right and nationalistic views that could be scary to visitors in Las Vegas.

This makes me uncomfortable, as a progressive liberal from going to any of their properties, and worse that i might be attacked by this person. If I came in an anti-Trump shirt, would I risk being poisoned or hurt by this obviously angry man?

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