Hamas Used Photos of Hot Women to Hack Israeli Soldier’s Phones

Terrorist group Hamas has been using pictures of attractive women to hack phones belonging to Israeli soldiers, an Israeli Defense Force intelligence official told the Times of Israel.Hamas used fake pictures of women, found online, to connect with soldiers, mainly through Facebook. After sending the soldiers pictures, they would suggest downloading a “video chat” app that was actually a Trojan Horse that allowed them access to the soldiers’ contacts and files, GPS data, photographs and text messages and allowed them to install additional applications on the devices. Hamas was able to take photos of offices and computer screens and upload them to the cloud without the soldiers knowing. In some cases, the hackers posed as veterans rather than women.

The official didn’t reveal exactly how many soldiers have fallen victim to the scam, but said it was “many dozens.”

“There is, of course, a potential of serious harm to national security, but the damage that was actually done was minor,” the official added.

The officer said that as of now, the attack is over, but added, “We don’t know everything.”



Pesach “Pace” Lattin is the original hacker. At 10 years old he took his parents original 8088 XT computer and took it apart and was told that he had to put it together. It took him a few days to figure it out, but within a year he was building computers himself. He also spent much of his time selling computer game copies to his friends at school – making a nice little profit.

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