About Pesach Lattin

Pesach Lattin is a highly accomplished entrepreneur and CEO, known for his extensive knowledge and experience in the field of online marketing and intelligence analysis. He started his journey as a computer enthusiast and hacker at a young age, taking apart his parents’ computer and building his own by the time he was 11. As a member of local hacking groups, he was known for his skills in social engineering and was eventually approached by the US Secret Service to become a founding member of the first Electronic Crimes Task Force in the nation.

After working with the NYPD and the Secret Service, Lattin decided to pursue a career in online marketing, co-founding Cyberrreps, a successful online marketing business that was eventually sold to Interep. Throughout his career, he has been recognized as a leader in the field of online marketing, creating some of the top businesses in the world and helping to sell companies to Google. He is also known for his ethical and honest approach to business, making him a respected and trusted figure in the industry.

In addition to his background in online marketing, Pesach Lattin is also known for his exceptional intelligence and his neurodivergent way of thinking. Neurodivergence refers to neurological differences from the typical brain development and functioning, and this can play a positive role in intelligence gathering. People with neurodivergent traits, such as those with autism or ADHD, often possess unique strengths, such as exceptional attention to detail, ability to process information quickly, and exceptional pattern recognition skills. These skills can be incredibly valuable in intelligence gathering, where attention to detail and quick analysis is crucial.

 Additionally, people with neurodivergent traits are often able to think outside the box, offering alternative perspectives and new solutions to problems, which can also be valuable in intelligence gathering. Therefore, including neurodivergent individuals in intelligence gathering teams can bring a diversity of thought and skills that can contribute to more thorough and accurate results.

This combination of knowledge, expertise, and intelligence has led him to become the founder of ANIA, an independent intelligence analysis firm that provides its clients with impartial, objective, and comprehensive intelligence solutions. The success of ANIA is a testament to Lattin’s commitment to excellence and his ability to bring together his vast knowledge and experience to provide his clients with the best possible results.

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